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Leading academic in Decision Sciences is appointed Honorary Visiting Professor

The School of Business and Economics has announced Professor Ravi Shankar, of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, has been appointed as the Honorary Visiting Professor in Decision Sciences.

Professor Shankar is IIT Delhi's ‘Amar S Gupta Chair Professor’ of Decision Sciences – the sciences of evaluating and interpreting data and making decisions – and a Fellow of the prestigious Indian National Academy of Engineers.

Loughborough University’s Dr Alok Choudhary, a Reader in Supply Chain Management, is currently engaged with Professor Shankar, and two doctoral research students, in a funded research project on big data and sustainability in business.

Their paper published on their collaborative research in the International Journal of Production Research (IJPR), titled ‘A big data MapReduce framework for fault diagnosis in cloud-based manufacturing’, won the IJPR Best Paper award in 2017.

Dr Choudhary and Professor Shankar are continuing their work together and recently organised a joint international PhD workshop on Decision Sciences for Sustainable Business at IIT Delhi.

They are also leading a doctoral student exchange programme between Loughborough University and the Institute, which will commence next month.

Pictured fourth to the right is Professor Ravi Shankar with Dr Alok Choudhary to his left.

Pictured front row, fourth from the right, is Professor Ravi Shankar with Dr Alok Choudhary to the left. 

Dean of the School of Business and Economics Professor Stewart Robinson commented: “Our on-going collaboration with Professor Shankar, one of India’s leading academics in the area of decision sciences and business analytics, and IIT Delhi is a prime example of the high-level international research that we undertake here at the School of Business and Economics.

“The appointment of Professor Shankar is the second we have made in the area of decision sciences – the first being Professor Detlof von Winterfeldt in 2016.

“We are extremely proud of our impactful work in this globally important field, and these appointments are a testament to our commitment as an institution to ‘research that matters’.”

Professor Shankar said: “This is a major global recognition, reflecting the power and efficacy of the collaboration between IIT Delhi and Loughborough University School of Business and Economics.”

Decision Sciences is a key theme for the School of Business and Economics. Researchers can be found across the School’s seven discipline groups and a number of modules on the topic are taught at both undergraduate and master’s level.

More information on Decision Sciences at Loughborough can be found on the dedicated webpage.