student work from the Remaking History exhibition

Loughborough’s history is explored in collaborative textile project

First year University students and Charnwood Arts have worked together to produce an exhibition that merges historic themes with contemporary textile designs.

The Re-making History exhibition, which is currently being displayed at Charnwood Museum and Martin Hall (Loughborough University), has seen Textile students explore the history of Loughborough and its contribution to UK textile production and other industries such as transport and bell founding.

They have explored the social history of the area - from eras including the Industrial Revolution – and used local resources to contribute towards their final collection of innovative work following a brief set by Charnwood Arts.

The exhibition, which follows on from last year’s successful Making History collaborative project, comprises over 30 students’ work including drawings, sketchbooks and material experimentation used throughout the process.

Kerri Akiwowo, Lecturer in Textiles, commented: “The opportunity to collaborate with Charnwood Arts on a live project brief has been a valuable experience for our first year students.

“It has enabled them to consider their applied design practice beyond the studio by interacting with people and environments outside their usual and familiar setting.

“The brief allowed students to thoroughly investigate aspects of Leicestershire’s social history through project briefings, local knowledge, site-specific visits, ongoing communication and dissemination of final work in a public space and on campus.”

Student Jasmine Stokes, whose work is on display at the exhibition, said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and it has opened up new doors to my style of working.”

Re-making History will be displayed in Martin Hall until Wednesday 23 May and Charnwood Museum until Sunday 10 June.