celebrating animation and sport exhibition and symposium

Celebrating animation and sport at the National Football Museum

Loughborough University’s Animation Academy is joining forces with the National Football Museum to present ‘The Beautiful Frame: Animation and Sport’.

The exhibition is in residence for three months and begins with a Symposium on animation, video games, virtual experience and sport at Hotel Football, Manchester on November 14 and 15.

The two keynote speakers at the conference are John O’Shea, the Senior Exhibition Manager at the National Science and Media Museum, and Mike O’Mahony, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture at the University of Bristol.

‘The Beautiful Frame’ is an exhibition of films, artefacts and art from all over the world, including pieces from Argentina, South Africa, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, USA and the UK. It features work from the Disney Studio, Aardman, Nike and Adidas.

Speaking about the event, Professor Paul Wells, Director of Loughborough University’s Animation Academy in the School of the Arts, English and Drama, said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with the National Football Museum to host ‘The Beautiful Frame’.

“Sport is probably first thought of as a live activity, and thereafter, as a broadcast or filmed live-action entertainment, but there is a significant tradition of animation and other moving graphic forms since the middle of the nineteenth century representing sport. This event will celebrate and examine the role of animation in sport.”

Tickets for the event are available online until Wednesday November 8. For more information visit the website or contact Professor Wells at P.Wells@lboro.ac.uk.