Person interacting with image of book on screen

Engaging with Screens: Art, Archive, Book

On Wednesday 31 May, Loughborough’s School of Arts, English and Drama will host an event examining the significance of the screen in relation to arts and literature.

Organised by the DH@Lboro research group, the workshop invites participants to debate the ways in which readers, publishers, archivists, and curators engage with the computer screen for accessing texts and paper artefacts.

It will pose a series of debate and discussion topics, asking if the persistence of paper books in the digital ecology is an obstacle or necessity to understanding screen-based media; and whether or not screens can replace the tactile engagement we have with paper manuscripts?

Dr Kathryn Brown, one of the convenors of the event, commented: “As books and manuscripts migrate increasingly to screen-based formats, we need to consider how we can best inhabit, enjoy and explore digital, textual environments.

“Given the speed with which both hardware and software become obsolete, it's particularly important to devise strategies for preserving access to our increasingly vast digital heritage.

“There are exciting possibilities for readers, writers, artists, and museum curators within this continually expanding cultural landscape.”

A full programme for the day is available here.

Tickets are £15, including refreshments and lunch, and can be booked here. The event is free for Loughborough students and staff, who should contact Elizabeth Mayne on prior to booking.