Front cover of the book

International collaboration for new construction publication

Dr Kirti Ruikar from the University’s School of Civil and Building Engineering has collaborated with academics from the UK, USA and Australia to produce a new book focusing on information technology (ICT) in the construction industry.

The book, Advances in Construction ICT and e-Business, is a study of the latest construction industry practices. It examines and addresses a broad range of information and communication technology applications.

Drawing on research conducted in the US and the UK, the book presents the state of the art of various e-business processes and examines Business Information Modelling (BIM), virtual environments and mobile technologies.

In addition, the book considers the direct impact of new technical achievements and examines the management styles that helped them emerge. Examples from industry are illustrated with case studies, presented alongside research from some of the best-known academics in this field.

The book is essential reading for all advanced students and researchers interested in how ICT is changing construction management and the construction industry.

Kirti is a Senior Lecturer in Architectural Engineering in the School of Civil and Building Engineering.  Her collaborators on the book include:

Srinath Perera Professor and Chair of Built Environment and Construction Management at the School of Computing Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney, Australia.

Bingunath Ingirige Professor of Project Management and Resilience at the Global Disaster Resilience Centre, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Esther Obonyo Associate Professor of Engineering Design and Architectural Engineering, Penn State University, USA

Advances in Construction ICT and e-Business is published by Routledge and available to buy online. It is one in a series of publications from the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB).

For nearly two decades Routledge has been publishing much of the high-quality research outputs generated through the CIB into its CIB Book Series. This book is a part of the prestigious CIB Book Series and is a major milestone for the Task Group (TG83) ‘e-Business in Construction’ of which the editors are joint coordinators.