Experts in Sport: E39 - Overcoming fussy eating

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Martin Foster sits down with Professor Emma Haycraft and Dr Gemma Witcomb, co-creators of the Child Feeding Guide, to discuss their research into how to combat children’s fussy eating.


00:00 – 3:28 Introduction & career background information on our guests

3:29 – 06:42 Defining and understanding “fussy eating”

06:43 – 17:07 The research on how to overcome it

17:08 – 28:47 The benefits of education and play

28:48 – 31:12 The psychology behind unhealthy food preferences

31:13 – 38:09 The Child Feeding Guide and its purpose

38:10 – 39:05 Episode recap and conclusion

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