Experts in Sport: E40 - Building psychological strength through the 5Cs

In this episode of the “Experts in Sport” podcast, host Martin Foster sits down with Chris Harwood, Sport Psychology professor, and Karl Steptoe, Sport & Performance Psychology Lead.

They discuss the development and research behind the 5Cs framework, which aims to make sports psychology more accessible and targeted at helping young people. 


00:00 – 02:04 Introduction & career background information on our guests

02:05 – 08:39 The meaning and purpose of the 5Cs

08:40 – 16:33 The development process

16:34 – 35:03 Implementing the 5Cs in clubs and coaching

35:04 – 42:04 Measuring of the framework

42:05 – 46:32 Quickfire questions

46:33 – 50:07 Future plans for the 5Cs

50:08 – 51:07 Episode recap and conclusion

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