Cuppa with a... Biological Anthropologist - E10: Cuppa with a Scientist

Emeritus Professor Barry Bogin, an expert in Biological Anthropology in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, discusses a range of topics including how chronic stress stunts child growth.

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00:00:00 - Welcome
00:01:10  - Introducing Professor Barry Bogin
00:12:18 - Discovering anthropology... from a book to a career
00:21:06 - From USA to Loughborough... and the difference in university styles
00:32:43 - Career high points and publishing a book
00:36:50 - Shaking up the word with ideas
00:41:47 - Stress and the impacts on slowing bone growth
00:16:25 - Life after a PhD and working life
00:20:54 - Collaborating overseas...
00:22:30 - Lab work... building and testing
00:24:22 - Small Gamma cameras to identify cancer 
00:37:16 - More exciting research areas
00:42:14 - Favourite parts of the job... and the not so good bits
00:44:48 - 3D printed mouse skeletons and... ahem... unexpected adult toys
00:48:02 - Inspiration and career goals
00:50:29 - What does a physicist do in their spare time?
00:51:57 - What's next...
00:53:35 - Hot topics and advice for students aiming for a career in physics
00:58:16 - Limit-less campaign
00:59:23 - Thanks and goodbye


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