Top 3 Talking Points: An attack on Corbyn?

Discover what’s making the media headlines in week 2 of the general election coverage. Report 2: 5 May – 17 May 2017.

Professor James Stanyer:

This week saw an increase in coverage for Labor Party and an increase in coverage for Jeremy Corbyn the Labour Party leader, but it's essentially been negative coverage attacking the Labour Party leader and the party and its policy.

One of the key newspapers that have been particularly negative and attacking Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party's been The Daily Mail. The Sun has also been very hostile and as have The Daily Express. So if you like, the Conservative supporting tabloid press has been particularly hostile to the Labour leader.

One of the other striking features of this week has been the continued absence of the minor parties from the news agenda. They've had very little coverage compared to the two major parties, so the two major parties are dominating news coverage of the campaign so far.

The third point is the agenda is slightly shifting from a dominance of Brexit to focus on the Brexit process to looking at a wider range of issues, particularly around the economy and that is accounted for it in a way by the launch of the Labour Party manifesto and its focus on taxation and business policies.

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