How much do you know about sleep?

Sleep. It is something we all do but how much do you actually know about it?

For World Sleep Day our academic experts have put together an online informative quiz to test your knowledge and debunk common sleep myths.

Through a series of 20 questions our experts will test your ‘sleep literacy’ – and hopefully improve your knowledge along the way.

How much sleep should you be getting? What’s a normal sleep pattern? What might happen to your sleep as you get older? The answers to all these questions and more can be found here.

Professor Kevin Morgan, Director of Loughborough’s Clinical Sleep Research Unit, is the lead author of the quiz. He said: “World Sleep Day gives us an opportunity to really think about our sleep. Along with diet and exercise, sleep is one of the main ‘pillars’ supporting our health and wellbeing, but most people give it very little thought.

“I hope this quiz gets people thinking about sleep and how important it is.”

To give the quiz a try click here. To assess the quality of your own sleep and find out how to manage insomnia problems visit the University’s Sleepful app.