Step change for Loughborough graduate company Pavegen

Laurence Kemball-Cook receives the Canary Wharf Group’s Level 39 Cognicity Challenge Award

Loughborough University graduate company Pavegen has taken another step towards scaling and refining its energy generating floor tiles for global distribution and installation.

The appointment of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Craig Webster brings to the company a wealth of experience in developing new technologies, teams and business streams.

Over the past 30 years, he has worked with a range of leading companies and organisations including Black and Decker, specialising in the design of high-efficiency low-cost electromechanical products. He has also served as Director and Head of Clean-tech with Cambridge Consultants Ltd; and was the Founder and board member of Cambridge based clean-tech start-up, Aveillant Ltd.

With Pavegen, he will initially focus on scaling up the technology for mass production – reinforcing the company’s position in the sustainable energy generation industry.

Mr Webster says of his recent appointment: “In my opinion, Pavegen is one of the most exciting companies within the clean technology sector today. Our aspirations are high, but entirely achievable within a commercially realistic timeframe.”

Certainly, the company’s innovative floor tile technology – which harvests energy from footfall for use in a range of applications spanning street lighting, way-markers and advertising signage – is generating a great deal of interest worldwide.

The company recently added another accolade to its growing collection – being Highly Commended in the Canary Wharf Group’s Level 39 Cognicity Challenge which means that Pavegen technology will soon be installed in Canary Wharf.

Loughborough Design School graduate and Pavegen Founder Laurence Kemball-Cook says of the award: “We are thrilled with the opportunity to pilot our technology in Canary Wharf and the chance to show how it can support the improvement of standards of living for generations to come.”

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