What to expect from your graduation day

Graduation is one of the most exciting days of your university experience so to help you feel prepared, here is everything you need to know about your graduation day.

Where to go on the day

Registration and gowning

Once you’ve arrived, please go to Sir Denis Rooke (Holywell Park) for registration and gowning


For professional photos and souvenirs, please go to James France where Tempest Photography will be taking photos throughout the day

Graduation ceremony

The ceremony will take place in the marquee at car park 5

Post-ceremony reception

Please go to Shirley Pearce Square where there will be a reception after each ceremony offering a celebratory drink and nibbles

Return gown

To return your gown before you leave, please go to the West Park Teaching Hub. Staff from Ede & Ravenscroft will be inside the building to collect the returned gowns. Please be aware all gowns must be returned by 7:25pm

What happens during the ceremony

Graduand seating

In the marquee there will be a seat allocated with your seating card, please ensure you’re in the right seat. Graduands are called to the stage in a particular order meaning failure to sit in your allocated seat may result in your name not being called out during the ceremony. If you’re struggling to find your seat, don’t worry, staff will be available to help.

Guest seating

Guests will be able to sit in any of the guest seating rows within the marquee.


Graduands and guests will be welcomed to the ceremony and the celebrations will begin. When it is your turn to cross the stage and collect your certificate, a member of staff will collect you from your seat and you will be called one row at a time to the stage. If you feel comfortable to do so, you can remove your mask before you cross the stage.

Once directed to the stage, your name will be called and you will cross the platform to the Vice-Chancellor and doff to him (i.e nod your head slightly and touch the front of your hat). Congratulations, you’re officially a Loughborough University graduate! Please feel free to encourage family and friends to cheer in support as you cross the stage.

After crossing the stage please proceed across the platform and down the ramp to collect your certificate.

Tempest Photography will be taking photos of graduates as they cross the stage. When you come down the ramp, please ensure you do not obstruct the photographer’s view when returning to your seat.

End of ceremony

At the end, the procession will leave the hall before the rest of the audience. All new graduates will join the procession behind the members of Academic Staff with the front row leaving first. Once the ceremony is complete, please leave the marquee for a post-ceremony reception at Shirley Pearce Square where there will be celebratory drinks and nibbles.

Safety measures

Although the UK Government has confirmed that the Covid restrictions will be lifted in England from 19 July 2021, we will continue to observe a number of social distancing measures during each of our graduation ceremonies. This is so that we can keep you, attendees and staff safe whilst you are on our campus.

Prior to the ceremony

Before you travel to Loughborough, attendees should take a lateral flow test. Anybody with a positive test should not travel to the University.

To maintain adequate social distancing, we are carefully monitoring the numbers of attendees. Please do not bring additional guests to the ceremonies as they will not be permitted to enter graduation events.

On campus

We ask everyone coming on to campus to observe social distancing and wear a face covering unless you have a medical exemption.