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Loughborough University is striving to deliver an excellent lecture capture system; a system where the process is both seamless for staff, and intuitive for students. Creating and delivering this system has involved academic staff and students from a range of Schools across the University, and it is a journey that is still on-going. 

What is ReVIEW?

ReVIEW is Loughborough University’s lecture capture system. It allows your Lecturer to record a teaching session and make the recording available for students to view online through the Learn module homepage.

What can I use ReVIEW for?

There are a number of reasons you may want to access ReVIEW recordings. Below are some suggestions:

  • to revisit difficult concepts and digest at your own pace
  • to assist with notetaking after the lecture so you can focus more on what your Lecturer is saying
  • as a study aid for revision
  • as an additional support aid if you have particular educational needs or do not speak English as your first language

How do I access my module recordings?

You will find recordings within the relevant module in Learn.

If you are a disabled student with special permission to access recordings, you will be contacted directly with instructions on how to access recordings. 

How do I play, pause and rewind a recording?

See the section, 'Play, Pause and Rewind'

Are all lectures published?

There may be circumstances where content is shared in a lecture which may make it unsuitable to publish the recording, for example where sensitive information is divulged or where students have requested that their contributions are not made openly available.

If a lecturer has chosen not to publish a recording they will advise you and make equivalent academic content available (lecture notes, slides, etc.).

What is the difference between recording and publishing?

All lectures which take place in centrally timetabled rooms are recorded and held within the ReVIEW system. However, some teaching events may not be considered suitable for publishing on Learn.

There may be special circumstances where it is considered fair and appropriate to enable limited access to unpublished recordings. For example, to students with disabilities, long term conditions, or specific learning difficulties. In these situations, a recording can be released to individuals on a case by case basis and the owner of the recording will be notified.

How do I watch recordings on a phone or tablet?

You can watch ReVIEW recordings on your phone or tablet by downloading the relevant Panopto mobile app.

iPad app

iPhone app

Android app

Can I upload ReVIEW recordings to the internet?

No. The recordings are for your own personal use only. You are not permitted to share them outside of the Learn platform without the express permission of the member of staff who made the recording.

When will recordings be available to watch?

Recorded teaching events will normally be published to the students 24 hours after an event has ended.

Can I watch ReVIEW recordings in place of attending lectures?

No. ReVIEW is provided as a tool to supplement your learning, and not as a replacement for attending teaching sessions. 

What is recorded?

Usually whatever is shown on the screen during the lecture, the lecturer's voice, and anything shown on a visualiser.


I am concerned about my contribution being published. What can I do?

If you don't want your contribution to feature on the published recording, please express your wish before speaking so that your lecturer can pause the recording. A pause in recording is indicated by the light on the podium turning amber.



I accessed a recorded lecture, but now it has gone - why?

The speaker can request the removal of recordings at any time; however we do advise staff to inform their students if they find it necessary to remove a recording.

The lecture recording failed - will the lecturer re-record it for ReVIEW?

This is at the discretion of the lecturer and depends on the availability of recording facilities. The lecturer will be made aware of the failed recording.

I am having problems seeing visuals or hearing what the lecturer is saying in the recording - what do I do?

Report the problem to the Teaching Support team at with details of the problem and which recording you were watching.

Can I use my own personal devices to record a teaching session?

Students should not make recordings of teaching sessions on personal devices without prior express permissions from the member of staff involved. 

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