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Bookmarks and Notes

Staff and students have the option to create bookmarks and notes with the ReVIEW lecture capture system.

If you have bookmarked a section of a recording, upon logging in, you will see a tab on the left side for marked content. You can bookmark specific times in a recording that you want to return to.

ReVIEW also enables you to make notes as you are watching the recording so they are linked to the relevant section of the recording and your notes are all in one place. You can click on the note to return to that part of the recording. You can take notes while viewing a session to refresh your memory later. Additionally, any note you take will become searchable.

The bookmark function is private to each individual and cannot be shared. Notes are by default private but can be shared.

How to add Bookmarks

Number 1  Log into Learn and select the session you wish to add bookmarks to from the ReVIEW block. This will take you to the normal viewing layout. Select the ‘Bookmarks’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen:

 The bookmarks tab in the ReVIEW viewing layout
Number 2  Once you click the bookmark button you will be prompted to label your bookmark at the time of entry as seen below. Enter a note in the text box, and hit enter. This will save your bookmark:
Labeling a bookmark
 Number 3  Return to your hompage and click on "Bookmarked" in the menu on the left hand side of the screen:

 Selecting Bookmarked from the ReVIEW homepage

Number 4  You will now see that your session will show up in the "Bookmarked" area of the Web interface:

 Bookmarked session now shows in the Bookmarked area of the interface

Number 5  Click on one of the bookmarks you created. This will launch the session as normal, and resume playback at the allotted time. You can remove a bookmark by clicking the X in the viewing tab as seen below:

Removing a bookmark

How to add Notes

Number 1  Open ReVIEW by going to the ReVIEW Block on your Learn module:

Number 2  Click on the recording that you will be adding notes to:

Number 3  Depending on the streams being captured, the notes field will be on the left of the screen or under the primary video window. In the image below, a link to the notes section is on the left- hand side:

Number 4  ‌Click on Notes. This expands the notes area to the right:

Enabling the notes area
Number 5  To start entering notes, click in the outlined box and begin typing. The second you begin to type is the second that will be time stamped in the recording. As the recording is played, notes will be marked on the video accordingly:

Number 6  Press Enter/Return on your keyboard, the note will be submitted to the field above where you are typing:

Number 7  To edit or delete a submitted note, click on the note you wish to change and click the corresponding Edit or Delete symbol:

Edit or delete a note
Number 8  By default, notes will be private. To make your notes visible to the rest of your cohort, simply click on the link ‘Make Public’. The link will change to ‘Make Private’ and can be clicked on again if you wish to revert your notes back to being private:

Making Notes public

Sharing notes with groups

If staff or students wish share notes within groups, channels can be created to manage how notes are shared. 

Number 1  Click on Notes and then click on the drop-down menu.

Number 2  Click on ‘Join a channel’ and type the name of the channel that exists for the group.

Joining a channel to share notes

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