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Online system FAQs

How do I save my work?

Your work will save automatically. When work has not saved, a message will appear to alert you of this. If you suspect that your work may not have saved it is recommended that you copy and paste it into a word document and save this somewhere confidential.

All instances where work is not being saved should be reported to IT Services, along with a screenshot where possible.

Why aren't my 2021 objectives showing in my 2022 PDR?

If you did not use the PDR online system for your PDR last year OR you if you have changed roles/contracts at the university your 2021 objectives will not automatically pull through. For academic members of staff this will also be true for your propsed research outputs and proposed funding. Where this is the case you will need to copy and paste in your objectives etc into the relevant box within the relevant section of the system.

Why aren't you supplying publication visibility data to the School of Art, English & Drama?

In line with our Responsible Metrics Statement, all Schools get to choose the publication indicators relevant to their discipline areas.  The publication and citation practices in Art, English and Drama are such that SciVal data doesn't provide a meaningful picture of the visibility of their publications.  For example, they publish a lot of non-journal outputs (monographs and practice-based outputs) that are not indexed by SciVal.  Also, citation volumes in these disciplines are low and often not a proxy for quality.  It was therefore agreed that SciVal publication visibility data would not be automatically supplied to staff in the School of Art, English and Drama. However, staff in the School are welcome to check their own data on SciVal and to provide other evidence in the comments box, as to the visibility and impact of their research outputs.

Some of my best publications aren't indexed by SciVal, what can I do?

SciVal indexes about 22,000 journals but there are approximately 300,000 journals worldwide (not all of them scholarly).  Whilst SciVal would claim to index only the highest quality titles, some discipline areas are covered better than others.  If your publication is not indexed, you might be able to find some visibility data from other sources (Google Scholar, altmetrics, Institutional Repository views and downloads) and put these in the comments box.  Going forward, you can ask the Editor of your journal or conference to recommend their title for inclusion in Scopus/SciVal

Not all of my data has pulled through from another system. Why is this?

Please check the source system (e.g. LUPIN for publications, myHR for training) and ensure the data is correct there.  If any corrections need to be made you will need to wait 24 hours before they show in the PDR.  If the data is still not correct in the PDR please use the ‘Help’ link in the top right of the page, which will direct your query to the right person.

How do I know that the automatic save is working?

The form saves automatically regularly, and when it does so you will see a small disk icon with ‘saved’ and the time appear at the top right corner of the box you are typing in.  If the save fails a red message will display here to inform you, if you see this please contact

How do I print?

To print the whole document please use the print link in your PDR form.  This is located above the purple box on the right which gives your PDR status (e.g. Initial Preparation).

Can I change the size of the text box?

Unfortunately we couldn’t implement both the formatting (bullet points, links, box/italic) and resizing of the text box for this year.  We plan to have another look at the problem next year.