Performance and Development Review

About PDR

The process

Your reviewer will arrange a one-to-one meeting with you within the PDR period, which runs from 1 January until 31st March. Everyone will need to have completed their PDR meeting and the associated documentation within this timeframe.

Preparing for your meeting

You will need to complete your PDR documentation through the online system and share it with your reviewer in advance of your meeting.

Your PDR meeting

Your meeting with your manager or reviewer will enable you both to reflect on the previous twelve months (as a guide, 20% of the discussion should focus on this) and have a meaningful conversation about the coming year. This should cover what you’re expected to achieve, how you should go about it and any development you may need to achieve it. The conversation should focus on where you are heading in terms of your performance, your development and future career aspirations. It is expected that 80% of your PDR discussion will focus on the coming year.

Objective setting

You will agree objectives as part of the PDR discussion for both your performance and your development. The objectives will typically follow the SMART method, which means they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timebound. More information on SMART objectives is available on the PDR website. Setting effective SMART objectives at the start of the year , with clear success measures, makes it much easier to consider whether an objective has been achieved.

When you’re considering the development you might need in the coming year, think broadly. Often a training course or workshop is not the best method. Consider opportunities that help to stretch you in your daily work – for example, acting as a mentor to others, or taking on new activities that help you to develop new skills. 

Recommended rating

The summative performance rating (exceeds expectations, meets expectations or does not meet expectations) has been suspended for this year. However, it is important that a discussion takes place regarding performance and a review of objectives is carried out. Setting performance objectives for next year is also required.

After your PDR meeting

Each area has a Senior Review Group (SRG), which is responsible for the moderation of ratings within their area. The SRG will meet in April to review consistency and fairness. They will also discuss any noted disagreements between the reviewer and reviewee. Guidance for staff who are members of their SRG is available online.