Welcome to the REACH Staff Network

This race, ethnicity, and cultural heritage focused website introduces our values and principles, highlights upcoming and recent events, and provides resources on race and anti-racism.

This Network offers safer spaces for REACH colleagues to interact socially, intellectually, and more importantly, raise our voices, introduce innovative ideas, and collectively advance race equality within the university.

Our Mission


To collectively hold the University accountable to its stated commitment to challenge racism and discrimination whenever identified.


Actively honour and commemorate the range of cultures across both campuses through social events; highlight the achievements of BAME staff.

Wellbeing and Professional Development

Provide a range of informal and formal opportunities for BAME colleagues to identify, address and achieve their wellbeing and career needs and goals.

Join us

Our membership has grown considerably since our relaunch in October 2019. Members have expressed how valuable being part of this community has been for them. Hear from some of them in our Staff Spotlight.

To join the network, please click the Join us button below to email the network where you can request to join. You will then be added to the staff email list where we send out communications about achievements, events, opportunities and meetings.