Disability and Inclusion Network

The Disability and Inclusion Network is committed to supporting all staff with disabilities at work, across both campuses. Our group is also open to staff caring for other people with a disability.

We will work with the University to ensure that our working environment is equitable and supportive to staff with physical and hidden disabilities, and staff who are carers. You can view our full Terms of Reference.

We will support the University to meet its legal obligations to staff with disabilities as outlined in the Equality Act 2010, particularly in regard to the legal obligation for employers to make reasonable adjustments to ensure workers with disabilities, or physical or mental health conditions, are not substantially disadvantaged when doing their jobs.

We will hold the University to account for the commitments made under Level 2 of the Disability Confident Scheme

The Staff Inclusivity Group holds regular meetings throughout the year to provide support to members and discuss any issues people wish to raise.

The Disability and Inclusion Committee meets regularly to take forward our strategic priorities and suggest practical solutions to resolve any issues relating to disability at work raised by wider members.

We are proud to support our diverse community and wish to encourage and celebrate its full contribution to a University life where all colleagues are treated equally and with respect. The Staff Inclusivity Group meets regularly throughout the year as part of our commitment to the Equality Act 2010 and the University’s People Strategy.

Our aims are:

  • to champion disability and inclusivity
  • to provide support to all staff who have or are affected by physical and invisible disabilities
  • to challenge issues that arise in the workplace for staff with disabilities and suggest practical solutions to resolve them
  • to ensure our campuses are inclusive, safe and accessible environments for staff with physical or hidden disabilities

Priorities for 2024

To develop an Inclusivity Strategy based around the following key themes to speed up disability awareness and equity at Loughborough University:

  • Disability Confident – to review the University’s commitments to Disability Confident.
  • Community support and signposting – the Network is unable to provide medical advice or detailed information on specific disabilities but will provide confidential forums for staff with or affected by any form of disability to come together and support each other, working together to find solutions to work-based issues that arise.
  • Visibility and education – to become visible champions of disability equality in the workplace, educating the wider community on the issues people with disabilities face at work and suggesting the practical adjustments that can be put in place to mitigate these.
  • Communication and celebration – promoting the work and achievements of staff with or affected by physical and invisible disabilities.

Get involved

Any staff members who have or are affected by physical or invisible disabilities are welcome to join the Disability and Inclusion Network

Emma Nadin Co Chair