Professor Mark King presents his lecture entitled 'Elite sport performance – how important is technique?'

About the lecture

Using both experimental and theoretical approaches, Mark’s lecture will explore optimum sport performance. Drawing on examples from a variety of sports – including cricket fast bowling and the badminton jump smash – he will outline how we can increase our understanding of the critical factors linked to performance improvement or injury risk.

In addition, he will discuss the journey from research to real-world application and impact – before finishing with the potential ways technology can be used to increase research impact.

About the lecturer

Professor Mark King investigates routes to optimum performance and ways to minimise the risk of injury across a broad range of sports – including gymnastics, cricket, athletics, badminton, swimming and tennis.

Mark has collaborated with the England and Wales Cricket Board for nearly 20 years – covering a breadth of activities from batting power hitting, optimal spin bowling and fast bowling performance, minimising injury risk for fast bowlers, and appropriate pitch lengths for junior cricketers.

He has a breadth of experience with international groups – eight years as Chair of the International Society of Biomechanics Technical Group on Computer Simulation; Fellow and Director of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports; Director of Badminton England; invited member of Badminton World Federation’s Injury Prevention Working Group; and International Cricket Council’s Bowling Legality Group.

In 2023, Mark set up DineticQ – a University spin-out – to commercialise his research knowledge, making it widely and cost effectively available to help others reach their potential in sport using a science-based approach.

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