Professor Crispin Coombs presents his lecture entitled 'AI in Business: Hype, Success, and the Future of Work?'

About the lecture

As AI continues to revolutionise industries, understanding its business benefits, navigating the hype surrounding it, and considering its impact on the future of work become paramount.

Professor Coombs’ lecture begins by addressing the pervasive hype surrounding AI, emphasising the need to discern realistic expectations from inflated claims.

It sheds light on the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing AI technologies in various business domains.

Moreover, his lecture examines how AI technologies are reshaping job roles, highlighting the importance of human-AI collaboration for organisational success.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the business benefits offered by AI, the strategies to navigate the hype surrounding it, and how to prepare for the evolving nature of work.

About the lecturer

Professor Crispin Coombs is an experienced and successful leader within the Business School, undertaking various senior management roles – including Associate Dean for Research and Innovation.

His research expertise is in Information Systems, particularly the effective management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics to deliver business benefits.

He was a member of the Business and Management Studies sub-panel for the assessment phase of REF 2021. He is a Senior Editor for the European Journal of Information Systems, one of the AIS top Information Systems journals, and an Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Information Management and the International Journal of Project Management. He was elected to the Board of the UK Academy of Information Systems (UKAIS) in 2015 – serving as Vice-President, 2018-20.

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