Leave a gift in your Will

Thank you for considering leaving Loughborough University in your Will. By leaving a gift of this kind you are becoming part of the Loughborough story for generations to come and leaving your legacy at your University. You will be providing students with scholarships to come to Loughborough for the same life changing experience that you had, funding research that changes lives and ensuring that Loughborough remains a World leading institution that you are proud of for generations to come.

Key details

Name of charity: Loughborough University.

Address: Loughborough University, Epinal Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU

Gifts left in Wills to Loughborough University are exempt from inheritance tax (IHT) due to the University’s charitable status in UK law. The University does not have a registered charity number, instead it is registered as an Exempt Charity under Schedule 3 of the Charities Act 2011.

Did you know that you can leave 1% to Loughborough University and 99% to your family?

£1 of every £5 that Loughborough University receives in charitable donations comes from gifts in Wills

In the UK by giving 10% of your estate to charity, you may reduce your inheritance tax liability from 40% to 36%. Please note, however, we recommend that you seek professional advice for accurate tax calculations.

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