Join the Schofield Society

For ten years, Schofield Society members have played a leading role in ensuring that Loughborough continues to deliver the highest quality educational experience and the widest opportunities for all students.

If you choose to stand with your fellow alumni and join the society, you are joining a community of donors from a wide range of professions and backgrounds many of whom have fond memories of their Loughborough experience, whilst all sharing a firm commitment to supporting the University and its students.

The difference a donation can make is huge. That’s why we want Schofield Society members to feel as valued as we believe they are.

Updates on the impact of your generosity
Annual updates from the Vice-Chancellor
Invitations to a variety of special events, including the Annual Schofield Society Dinner
Recognition in the Schofield Society members book on display in Hazlerigg
Special tours of campus facilities, in areas of interest, upon request or invitation
Priority invitations to events associated with your donation/s
All Alumni Association/Loughborough Family benefits, even if you are not a Loughborough Graduate

Levels of support

Membership of the Society is recognised in four levels of support:

Schofield Society Member £1,000 - £2,499 per annum
Schofield Society Fellow £2,500 - £4,999 per annum
Schofield Society Patron £5,000 and over per annum
Schofield Society Lifetime Patron £50,000 (accumulative or one-off gift)

Loughborough University is an exempt charity, so your donations are tax deductible. If you are a top rate tax payer and become a Schofield Society member with an annual donation of £1,000, the actual cost to you could only be £687.50. This amount is equal to just £1.90 a day – less than the price of a cup of coffee.Our Lifetime Patron membership is for those who have donated over £50,000 either accumulatively or in one single gift. Lifetime Patrons remain Patrons of the Schofield Society for as long as they want to.

Celebrating the Schofield Society's 10th anniversary

In 2020/21, we wanted to celebrate and showcase the impact of the Schofield Society over the last decade as the Society reached its 10 year anniversary. Since 2010, the generosity of our members has changed the lives of our students, supported our athletes and researchers and helped transform the campus and help to make Loughborough one of the UK's leading universities. 

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About the Schofield Society

Who was Herbert Schofield?

Herbert Schofield was Principal of Loughborough College for 35 years, laying the foundations of the University we are proud to support today.

His ambition was simple; to put Loughborough on the world stage. In 1918, he made arrangements for the engineering models made by his students to be sold nation-wide. Schofield astutely arranged for each model to be stamped ‘Makers – Loughborough College’, ensuring that credit for his students’ excellent work was recognised up and down the country.

A distinguishing feature of Schofield’s long reign was his concern for the welfare of his students. He established the Halls of Residences; tirelessly working to secure housing and catering for the young people in his care as the student population grew from tens into thousands.

An enduring Legacy

Founded by alumni and friends in 2010, the Schofield Society recognises a group of our leading donors and their importance to the mission of the University. It celebrates the difference they are making through their generous donations. The aim of the society is to continue the good work of Herbert Schofield by providing ongoing support for student welfare and continuing to pursue Herbert’s ambition for Loughborough to have national & global impact.

Together, Schofield Society members have donated an outstanding £10 million so far towards vital initiatives, including:

  • Hardship-based scholarships for more than 150 students
  • Facilities such as STEMLab and the Library
  • Sports scholarships for over 500 students, many of which have gone on to become world-leading athletes
  • International development projects in over 30 countries including Zambia, Uganda, South Africa, India and Sri Lanka