Teacher Education

Trainee information

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Teaching is a challenging career but one that is enormously rewarding. It shares with other professions the need for the highest intellectual, analytical and communication skills. Yet, what other profession provides the opportunity to positively influence so many people and make a difference to their lives?

Without the sound foundations laid by good teachers, how could anyone reach the standards required by other professions? Society depends on teachers to develop the potential of the next generation.

Young people need a good education which will provide them with: the knowledge and skills to understand the world; the attitudes and willingness to communicate with others and to express their own ideas and opinions; an awareness of the world of work and the competence to make a good job of whatever they undertake; a sense of right and wrong; and an appreciation of the values and beliefs in a modern diverse society. This may seem an idealistic view of what every young person needs to develop during their schooling, given the realities of schools and of the resources available. However, it is nevertheless what teachers strive to achieve for every young person.

Providing this kind of education demands good teachers. It is such teachers that we develop at Loughborough. It is our aim to help you to learn effective teaching skills, to be well informed about educational matters, and to maintain an open and creative mind.

Revised pay scales and career opportunities increasingly reward the successful teacher, and there are varied possibilities for a career to suit the many different individuals who enter the profession. It is a career ideally suited to graduates wishing to continue their own intellectual and personal growth while working with young people in a varied, stimulating and socially responsible job.