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NQT Support

Hello again, we hope that you are experiencing the many joys of teaching as well as coping with its numerous challenges!

We have put together a range of resources to help support you during this first year. The resources are on a range of topics, including: "Your Continuing Professional Development" and "Reflecting on Your Teaching Toolkit".  There are also subject updates available via the drop down menus below. We hope that you find these resources interesting and useful. Further support will be offered to you during the year.

Don't forget...


A number of the Loughborough PGCE team are active on twitter and use this as a platform to discuss current research trends in physical education and its implications for practice. Following staff on twitter will give you access to these discussions and ideas but we would also encourage you to take part in these discussions and contribute your own growing experience in practice to the community.

Research opportunities and publications

A number of you will likely remember the Promoting Active Lifestyles (PAL) project lead by Dr Jo Harris. This work has recently been published in a new book (Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools, Harris and Cale, 2018) which includes a useful web resource with worksheets and assessment ideas. We are a research active team as you know and would welcome the opportunity to work with you on any research ideas you might have. One potential avenue for this could be the MSc in Education.

University staff

As staff we will continue to be available to support your development and you are able to contact staff via their university emails, office contact numbers and via relevant social media platforms such as Twitter.

Hopefully this has served to remind you of a number of the opportunities available to you and we look forward to welcoming your contributions to a number of the spaces. In the meantime, happy learning and teaching!

Early career teacher conference

The Chartered College of Teaching is organising a conference to support early career teachers. The programme will include a series of keynotes and breakout sessions from education professionals with a variety of backgrounds, to provide practical, bite-sized guidance; these include promoting positive behaviour, assessment, literacy for EAL students and more. Details below:

Manchester - Saturday 27 October 2018 - 9.30am to 3.30pm

Address - Brooks Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, 53 Bonsall Street, Manchester, M15 6GX

Please promote this event to your NQT colleagues; the cost to them is £19.00.

For more information, and to book tickets by Friday 21 October 2018, please visit Chartered College of Teaching.

Training Event: How to Thrive as an NQT

Soar Valley College held a training event this September sharing practical advice on how to excel in your first year of teaching.

How to Thrive as an NQT.


Physical Education support

PE NQT Support

PEPRN (www.peprn.com)

The aim of the PEPRN website is to develop a community of physical education teachers (such as yourselves), coaches, volunteers and university practitioners from all over the world to consider the relationship between research and practice. The latest piece invites you to consider the place of movement in PE and to critically reflect on the place, position and indeed prominence of sport as a medium for physical education as you continue to develop your pedagogic repertoire and explore new ways of challenging and engaging your pupils.

PETE blog (http://blog.lboro.ac.uk/physed/)

New this year is our PETE blog which is designed to support NQT’s.  To date we have blogs from staff focussing on increasing your critical reflection as developing teachers and sharing possibilities and ideas for teaching. Coming soon, we have exciting new blogs from our recently qualified teachers (RQTs) so make sure you keep an eye out for these.

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