School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences


Dr Minhyeok Tak PhD, MSc, BA, BSc (Hons)

Photo of Dr Minhyeok Tak

Lecturer in Sport Management

Minhyeok Tak is a Lecturer in Sport Management at the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences. He joined Loughborough University in 2019, after completing his PhD at the University of Otago, New Zealand in 2018. Minhyeok obtained his BSc (Physical Education), BA (Sociology), and MSc (Sociology of Sport) at Seoul National University, South Korea.

Minhyeok’s research interest is in the socio-political analysis of sport. His current research focuses on two main themes:

  • The politics of policy regimes around sports, gambling and the problem of match-fixing – how betting revenues, regulations and technologies change the way contemporary sports are experienced and consumed; and
  • The institutional design of sport development systems behind the integrity issues, such as corruption, match-fixing, abusive practices, etc.

Research projects involved:

  • ‘Match-fixing monitoring system in play: Betting, data analysis technology and its effects on sport integrity’ funded by the IOC’s Early Career Academics Research Grant, The Olympic Studies Centre (2019)
  • ‘Sports on the gambling table’: An institutional approach to match-fixing’, PhD project funded by Otago University Doctoral Scholarship (2012-2015)
  • ‘Developing future directions for sports betting industry in South Korea’ commissioned by the government-sanctioned betting operator in South Korea (2010-2011, Co-investigator)


  • 2016 International Sociology of Sport Association Graduate Paper Award
  • 2015 European Association for Sociology of Sport Young Researcher Award
  • Reviewer for several journals, including Sage Open, Ethics & Behavior, Crime, Law & Social Change, etc.
  • Co-author of a young adult book on sport, Looking into the World through the Lens of Sport, published in South Korea (May 2019)
  • Tak, M. (2018). Too big to jail: Match-fixing, institutional failure and the shifting of responsibility. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 53(7), 788-806. DOI: 10.1177/1012690216682950
  • Tak, M., Sam, M. P., & Jackson, S. J. (2018). The problems and causes of match-fixing: Are legal sports betting regimes to blame? Journal of Criminological Research, Policy and Practice, 4(1), 73-87. DOI: 10.1108/JCRPP-01-2018-0006
  • Tak, M., Sam, M. P., & Jackson, S. J. (2018). The politics of countermeasures against match-fixing in sport: A political sociology approach to policy instruments. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 53(1), 30-48. DOI: 10.1177/1012690216639748.
  • Tak, M. (2018). Three conceptual tools for studying sports-related social/policy institutions: Costs, paths and grains. Korean Journal of Sociology of Sport, 31(1), 171-196. [Published in Korean]
  • Han, S., & Tak, M. (2017). Trajectories of the Sport-specialty Student System before 1972: The entrenchment of sports scouting practice within the National Entrance Examination System. Korean Journal of Sociology of Sport, 30(3), 19-45. [Published in Korean]