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Professor Amanda Daley

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Professor of Behavioural Medicine

Amanda’s work is focused on investigating the effects of lifestyle interventions on health outcomes, particularly around women’s health.  Amanda has published work focused on pregnancy, postnatal depression and menopause.  She is the chief investigator on several on-going trials that are examining the effectiveness of community and general practice based physical activity and weight control interventions.  She has published extensively in the field of physical activity and health.  Amanda is most interested in conducting randomised controlled trials but she also has a strong interest in conducting systematic reviews and interrogating large datasets.  Amanda currently receives funding from a range of funding bodies, including the NIHR HTA, NIHR Public Health Research Programme and Arthritis Research UK.  

Health Research Board Ireland.  Population Health and Health Services Research.  Panel member

Yorkshire Cancer Research Fund. Research advisor panel member.

International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity (Editorial Board)

The Physician and Sports Medicine (Editorial Board)


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