Communication, Media, Social and Policy Studies


In this section you will find contact details and information regarding all members of staff affiliated with the Department of Communication, Media, Social and Policy Studies.

The School's Senior Management Team

Staff contact details can be found on the School of Social Sciences' website.

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Dr Saul Albert

Lecturer in Social Sciences (Social Psychology)

Professor Jo Aldridge

Professor of Social Policy and Criminology

+44 (0)1509 223670

Brockington Extension U1:04

Professor Charles Antaki

Professor of Language and Social Psychology

+44 (0)1509 228362

Brockington Extension U3:14B

Dr Wendy Archer

Research Fellow and University Teacher

Jenny Ardley

University Teacher

Rachel Armitage

Research Student

Brockington U113

Elaine Beaken

Student Administration Manager

+44 (0)1509 223370

Brockington Extension U4:06

Pete Beaman

Social Psychology Technician

+44 (0)1509 228158

Brockington Extension U4:02

Professor Eleonora Belfiore

Professor of Communication and Media Studies

+44 (0)1509 223354

Brockington Extension U3:13

Diwas Bisht

PhD Research Student

Kelly Bramley

Placements and International Opportunities Administrator

Dr Richard Bramwell

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

+44 (0)1509 223546

Brockington Extension U3:28

Dr Carly Butler

Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology.

+44 (0)1509 223355

Brockington Extension U4:20

Professor Stephen Case

Head of Social and Policy Studies

+44(0)1509 223364

Brockington Extension U4:21B

Professor Andrew Chadwick

Professor of Political Communication

+44 (0)1509 223390

Brockington Extension U4:14

Kathrina Connabeer

Research Student

Brockington B2:08

Dr Catherine Coveney

Lecturer in Sociology

+44 (0)1509 223350

Social and Policy Studies Unit, U4.19, Brockington

Jin Dai

Research Student

Abigail Davis

Research Fellow - CRSP

+44(0) 1509 223369

Brockington Extension U1:32

Professor David Deacon

Professor of Communication and Media Analysis.

+44 (0)1509 223391

Brockington Extension U3:15

Dr Ann Doehring

Research Associate in Conversation Analysis

Brockington B204

Professor John Downey

Director, Centre for Research in Communication and Culture

+44 (0)1509 223675

Brockington Extension U3:18

Clare Drummond

School Marketing Officer

+44(0)1509 222846

Room U2.22, Brockington Building

Dr Dave Elder-Vass

Reader in Sociology

+44 (0)1509 223386

Brockington Extension U1:07

Fabio Ferraz de Almeida

Research Student

Brockington Extension U1:13

Dr Vincent M. Gaine

University Teacher

+44 (0)1509 223629

Brockington Extension U4.25

Dr Louise Grove

Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy

+44 (0)1509 564017

Brockington Extension U3:25

Katherine Hill

Senior Research Associate - CRSP

+44 (0)1509 223377

Brockington Extension U1:34

Professor Donald Hirsch

Director, Centre for Research in Social Policy (CRSP)

+44 (0)1509 223372

Brockington Extension U1:30

Professor Denis Howitt

Honorary Fellow in Applied Psychology.

Dr Cesar Jimenez-Martinez

ESRC Postdoctoral Researcher

U1.26, Brockington Building

Lisa Jones

CRSP Administrator

+44 (0)1509 223619

Brockington Extension U1:30

Ann-Marie Joyce

Undergraduate Administrator

+44 (0)1509 223365

Brockington Extension U4:05

Dr Christopher Kay

Lecturer in Criminology

+44 (0)1509 228353

Brockington Extension U1:08

Professor Emily Keightley

Professor of Media and Memory Studies

+44 (0)1509 223629

Brockington Extension U4:25

Gabriel Knott-Fayle

Research Student

Brockington U1.13

Lily Korenhof

School Marketing Intern

+44 (0)1509 222029

Room U2.22, Brockington Building

Sarah Lafferty

School Placements and International Opportunities Officer

+44(0)1509 228329

Room U2.10, Brockington Building

Dr Victoria Land

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Adrian Leguina

Lecturer in Quantitative Social Sciences

+44 (0)1509 223355

U.4.20, Brockington Building

Lydia Leney

School Wellbeing Advisor

+44(0)1509 222980

LDS 1.12 (Mon, Tue & Wed AM), U224 (Wed PM, Thurs)

Xinan Li

Research Student

Nicola Lomax

CRSP Administrator

+44 (0)1509 223618

Brockington Extension U1:30

Professor Sabina Mihelj

Professor of Media and Cultural Analysis

+44 (0)1509 223363

Brockington Extension U3:16

Dr Simone Natale

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies.

+44 (0)1509 223380

Brockington Extension U3:11

Hannah Newman

Research Student

Brockington Extension U4:15

Dr Line Nyhagen

Reader in Sociology

+44 (0)1509 223362

Brockington Extension U3:17

Dayei Oh

Research Student

Brockington U1.13

Matt Padley

Research Fellow - CRSP

+44 (0)1509 222059

Brockington Extension U1:33

Professor Ruth Parry

Professor of Human Communication and Interaction

01509 222845

Room U3.21 Brockington Building

Professor Elizabeth Peel

Professor of Communication and Social Interaction

+44(0)1509 228176

Brockington Extension U3:12

Dr Alena Pfoser

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

+44 (0)1509 222847

Brockington Extension U1:09

Dr Marco Pino

Lecturer in Communication and Social Interaction

+44 (0)1509 222544

Brockington Extension U4:24

James Pritchard

Employability Development Officer

Dr Tom Redshaw

University Teacher in Sociology

Dr John Richardson

Reader in Critical Discourse Studies.

+44 (0)1509 223361

Brockington Extension U3:23

Dr Jessica Robles

Lecturer in Social Psychology.

+44(0)1509 223371

Brockington Extension U4:26

Nathan Rush

Academic Librarian: Social Sciences & Psychology

+44 (0)1509 222348

Brockington Extension U3:05 - Student Hub

Thais Sardá

Research Student

Brockington Extension U1:13

Dr Paula Saukko

Reader in Social Science and Medicine

+44 (0)1509 223357

Brockington Extension U4:18

Brockington B207

Dr Claire Shepherd

Research Associate

+44 (0)1509 223373

Brockington Extension U1.34

Dr Rein Ove Sikveland

Research Associate

+44(0)1509 222848

Brockington Extension U4:28

Sunida Siwapathomchai

Research Student

Brockington Extension U1:13

Dr Michael Skey

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

+44 (0)1509 223913

Brockington Extension U2:17A

Professor James Stanyer

Head of Communication and Media

+44 (0)1509 228875

Brockington Extension U4:06

Dr Václav Štětka

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

+44 (0)1509 228183

Brockington Extension U2:17

Professor Elizabeth Stokoe

Professor of Social Interaction

+44 (0)1509 223360

Brockington Extension U3:19B

Dr Thomas Thurnell-Read

Lecturer in Cultural Sociology

+44 (0)1509 223881

Brockington Extension U2:18

Dr Cristian Tileaga

Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology.

+44 (0)1509 228375

Brockington Extension U3:27

Deborah Till

Careers Consultant

Manuel Torres-Sahli

Research Student

U113, First Floor, Brockington Building

Dr Cristian Vaccari

Reader in Political Communication

Dr Laura Valadez-Martinez

Lecturer in Social Policy

+44 (0)1509 228357

Brockington Extension U3:24

Scott Varney

Research Student

+44 (0)1509 223359

Brockington Extension U3:13

Yingzi Wang

Research Student

Brockington Extension U4.15

Becky Whittaker

VERDIS ‘Real Talk’ Programme Development Manager

Dr Iris Wigger

Lecturer in Sociology

+44 (0)1509 223352

Brockington Extension U4:13

Hazel Wragg

Postgraduate Programmes Administrator

+44 (0)1509 223901

Brockington Extension U4:05

Professor Dominic Wring

Professor of Political Communication.

+44 (0)1509 228350

Brockington Extension U3:26

Lin Wu

Research Student

Ellie Yates

Social Sciences Programme Administrator

+44 (0) 1509 228374

Brockington Extension U4.05

Xi Yu

Research Student

Cuomu Zhaxi

Research Student

Brockington Extension U1:13