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Petros Nomikos Graduate Engineer & MEng (Master of Engineering)

Photo of  Petros Nomikos

Due to the cooperation of the University of Applied Science in Cologne and the University of Loughborough Petros Nomikos started a part-time PHD at the Wolfson school of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

2001 - 2004      Development of test-rigs for the automotive industry

2004 - 2007      Process Engineer in the automotive supplier industry

2007 - 2014      Supervisor for Process Engineering in the automotive supplier industry

2014 - today     Head of Manufacturing Excellence team in the automotive supplier industry

The main scope of his Part-Time PHD research study is to analyze a leakage phenomenon at the interface of the transmission and the drive shaft. Experiences from the automotive supplier industry indicates that the sealing system has to be investigated as a whole. This systems consists of the radial shaft seal, the sealing surface of the shaft and the necessary lubricant.

The approach of this research study will be the investigation of the influence of the topography of the shaft sealing surface in combination with the sealing seat and the transmission oil on actual leakage issues in the automotive industry. The current DIN standards 3760 and 3761 show no specific requirements in terms of these parameter. A universal standard for this requirement does not exist currently. Also in the standards for radial shaft seals neither exact characteristic for the Micro-Lead nor the dominant periodic waviness are available.