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Matthew Woodyard BEng (Hons)

Photo of  Matthew Woodyard

Matthew Woodyard Graduated from Loughborough University in 2015 with a BEng (Hons) in Systems Engineering. For his final year project he worked within the Pulsed Power Group to help determine a function for the Kerr Constant with respect to temperature. After working as a financial analyst in the City of London for two years Matthew has returned to pursue a PhD in Pulsed Power Applications.

The Practical Applications of Pulsed Power

Pulsed Power involves the generation of extremely high voltage impulses which last for a very short amount of time; for example 1 J delivered in 1 ns equates to 1 GW, which is an enormous amount of power for what is a relatively small amount of energy available. Pulsed power can be generated using a number of techniques, from the discharging of capacitor banks as well as using high explosives. There are applications across a wide spectrum of industries from jet aircraft ejection through to industrial food processing as well as sterilisation of medical equipment and cancer treatment.