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Luis Infante-Ortega MEng(Hons), DIS

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PhD Research Student

Luis has always been passionate for the boundary-pushing potential of technology. Luis did his baccalaureate in Madrid specializing in technology and moved to the UK to pursue a Masters in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 2015.

The education Luis received at Loughborough was excellent and put an emphasis on practical work. During his degree he did a placement year as a product safety engineer, and two summer internships both as an IT technician and a mechatronics intern. Luis always pursued learning opportunities during my degree, working as a peer mentor and giving talks to younger students about my experiences on placement.

In Luis' final year he specialized in renewable energy systems technology, as he became enamoured with their world-changing potential. For his final year project, he tested the practicality of a patent developed at CREST for an innovative solar cell coating which uses Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) to boost the performance of silicon solar cells. At present Luis is studying a PhD to expand on his findings, and hopefully contribute to a breakthrough in solar cell performance.

Luis wants to contribute to the energy industry with cutting-edge research to help provide reliable, low-carbon energy solutions.

Luis was nominated for the Wolfson School prize for excellency on placement.

Luis' main research interests are:

  • Improving Si and Cd-Te solar cell performance.
  • Solar cell coatings.
  • Thin film depositions.
  • TCOs.
  • Power engineering.

Luis has external links with AJA International Inc. and NREL.

Athena Swan Bronze award

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