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Jingxi Yang

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PhD Research Student

Jingxi finished her bachelor study at Loughborough University in the UK and Guangdong University of Technology in China. She is a Ph.D study in CREST at Loughborough University.

Jingxi studied battery balancing circuit simulation as a bachelor project, and currently looking at battery balancing circuits for second life batteries. These batteries are much more dissimilar in terms of capacity and internal impedance that a new battery system and as such the requirements to balance the batteries are more onerous. If the batteries are not balanced properly during discharging then the full capacity of the system will not be available to the user before the protection system kicks in. This PhD will look at different circuits and topologies for battery balancing and use monitoring techniques to adapt the battery balancing to optimise the capacity available to the user. A key part of this thesis will be experimental design and testing of such circuits using low cost components. This programme of research may be subject to change as the research develops.

Athena Swan Bronze award

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