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James Morris BSc (Hons)

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As an undergraduate I studied Sports Technology at Loughborough University graduating in 2017. During the summer of my second year I worked as a researcher within the Sports Technology Institute. My summer research focused on the development of a protocol to perform modal vibration analysis on sports balls using the institute's Fanuc robot. While this was hampered by the highly damped nature of the systems I was analysing, the method developed shows promise for future analysis on irregular objects. During my final year project I developed a method for examining the relationship between the human movements of a cricket bowler and measured data captured using an instrumented cricket ball.

Out of the lab
I have always been a keen cyclist and after getting a road bike for my 16th birthday I began training for road racing. After a knee injury forced me to stop racing, cycling has become my way of enjoying the countryside and staying fit. Since cycling has taken a bit of a back seat landscape photography has become my new main passion. I'll now be found out hiking and traveling to new places to try and capture something spectacular.

Development of non-contact measurement of the human apparel interface

My current research is funded by the adidas futures team and is focused on the development of a non contact measurement method for better understanding the interactions between the athlete and their apparel. The aim is to develop a system which can be used for both the development and testing of future performance products. Currently no system combines both non contact measurement and measurement of the human apparel interface.