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Dr Diana Segura-Velandia PhD, MEng

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Lecturer in ICT for Manufacturing

My research has focused on techniques for applying artificial intelligence methods to solve problems in electronics manufacturing, healthcare and automotive domains for monitoring, defect prediction, design for manufacture and asset traceability and tracking. My research interests span the fields of artificial intelligence, decision making, materials, sensors and modelling & simulation. I hold a PhD in Manufacturing from the Loughborough University, and a bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Los Andes, Bogota –Colombia. I interact regularly with industry and academia and has collaborated and consulted for many companies including AEC, GE Aviation, The MTC, HSSMI, Ford Motor Company, S2S Ltd., IBM, Jaguar Land Rover and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.


My research interests span the fields of artificial intelligence, decision making, materials, sensors and modelling & simulation.  

I want to encourage the manufacturing sector to open up to AI to share best practices from other sectors, to research ways to tackle concerns (security, ethics) and to engage workers into the process.  

I am enthusiastic about this effort and am looking forward to working with everyone who is seeking to advance digital intelligence in the way that AI can have a transformative impact and making sure it benefits us all.


Grants and contracts: 

  • 2018. Co-investigator in Embedded Integrated Intelligent Systems for Manufacturing. EPSRC Grant EP/P027482/1. Award £1.6m
  • 2003- 2007. Research Co-investigator in Adaptive Informatics for Intelligent Manufacturing (AI2M). EPSRC Grant EP/K014137/1. Award £1.9m  
  • 2011. Healthcare and Bioscience iNet [May 2011]. East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA). Award: £50k. Project: Novel electrode arrays for high content drug safety and efficiency evaluation in stem-cell derived cardiomyocytes.  
  • 2011. EPSRC “Bridging the gap”. Award: £18k


Current teaching responsibilities:

  • MMA700 – Metrology Fundamentals
  • MMB502 – Reverse Engineering in Sports Technology
  • BEng/MEng/MSc individual projects

Current administrative responsibilities:

  • School open day duties, personal tutoring and tutor of placement students



Segura Velandia, D. M., N. Kaur, W. G. Whittow, P. P. Conway and A. A. West (2016). "Towards industrial internet of things: Crankshaft monitoring, traceability and tracking using RFID." Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing [SNIP:2.86], (41) pp. 66-77.

  • IBM
  • HSSMI Ltd
  • The MTC
  • S2S Ltd
  • Nottingham University
  • Hitex Ltd 

External roles and appointments:

  • Reviewer for EPSRC