Tom Francome

  • Senior Enterprise Fellow
  • PhD research student

My role in the Centre is to work to integrate basic research, academic scholarship and practical experience. I also teach on the mathematics PGCE. I completed my mathematics degree at the University of Birmingham where I stayed to undertake teacher education in secondary mathematics. I taught mathematics in schools and worked for many years as a Head of Mathematics and Head of Faculty winning the TES Award for ‘Maths Team of the Year 2015’. I contributed lesson materials for the EEF funded project on Best Practice in Mixed-Attainment Teaching. This work was awarded the 2016 BCF-BERA Routledge Curriculum Journal Prize. Tom was previously as a lecturer in secondary mathematics education at the University of Birmingham. Tom is interested in all aspects of educational research but in particular equitable approaches to teaching mathematics and the development of expertise. Tom is currently conducting PhD research into the nature of practising in mathematics.

I recently talked about my work on the Mr Barton Maths Podcast

I am interested in all areas of educational research in particular those related to the learning of mathematics. Within this broad area I have explored the effect of grouping practices on pupils’ self-theories, teachers’ beliefs and practices. I am especially interested in economy of teacher and learner time and effort,  mathematical imagery’s contribution, and the role of subordination in developing ‘functionings’ particularly the idea of ‘practice through progress’.  My current work concerns the development of expertise and the organisation of mathematical practice tasks. In particular, I am currently conducting PhD research into the nature of practising in mathematics at the MEC supervised by Dave Hewitt and Ian Jones. I am a member of the mathematics pedagogy group, and the mathematical cognition group.


  • British Society for Research into the Learning of Mathematics
  • British Education Research Association
  • Association of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Mathematical Association
  • The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers
  • Chair – Birmingham branch of ATM
  • Science of Education - ATM Working group member
  • Mathematics Cognition Group
  • Mathematics Pedagogy Group



  • Fellow - Higher Education Academy - 23/03/2018
  • 'Maths Teacher/Team of the Year 2015' - TES Awards - June 2015
  •  ‘Outstanding Facilitator’- NCTL - 2009