Lydia Buckingham

  • University Teacher

I completed an MMath in Mathematics at Merton College, Oxford, and then studied for my PhD in Mathematics at the University of Bath. Whilst working towards my PhD, I taught tutorials to mathematics undergraduates in a variety of disciplines, including analysis, linear algebra, probability, statistics, numerical analysis, calculus and programming. I also delivered lectures to mathematics, biology and natural sciences students and mentored two master’s students. As part of Bath’s Mathematics & Statistics Teaching (MAST) service, I also worked on curriculum design, developing several new mathematics and statistics modules. I joined Loughborough as a University Teacher in January 2024. 

My academic research focusses on modelling the evolution of infectious diseases and the hosts which catch them. I am particularly interested in how organisms have evolved different patterns of disease resistance as they age. 

Responsibilities: This semester, I will be involved in teaching the following modules:

  • MAA203: Core Mathematics 2
  • MAB206: Statistics
  • MAC171/MAP103: Statistics for Large Data
  • NTA201: Statistics & Data Analysis

Journal Articles

Buckingham, L.J. & Ashby, B. (2022) Coevolutionary Theory of Hosts and Parasites. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 35(2), 205-224.

Buckingham, L.J., Bruns, E.L. & Ashby, B. (2023) The Evolution of Age-Specific Resistance to Infectious Disease. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 290 (1991).

Buckingham, L.J. & Ashby, B. (2023) The Evolution of the Age of Onset of Resistance to Infectious Disease. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 85 (42).

Buckingham, L.J. & Ashby, B. (2024) Separation of Evolutionary Timescales in Coevolving Species. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 579, 111688.

Buckingham, L.J. & Ashby, B. (preprint) Coevolution of Age-Structured Tolerance and Virulence. bioRxiv.

Online Publications

Buckingham, L.J. (2022) Understanding Models of Host-Parasite Coevolution. The JEB BLOG. Available at: