I completed a BSc and MSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Mathematics Education at the University of Warwick. I then spent four years as an assistant professor with a joint appointment in Mathematics and the Graduate School of Education at the Rutgers University in the USA.  I returned to the UK in 2005, and worked as a teaching fellow at Essex University before taking up my current post at Loughborough in 2007. 

In addition to publishing research in undergraduate mathematics education, I have now written a popular mathematics book Mathematics Rebooted and three research-based study guides for mathematics students: How to Study for a Mathematics Degree, How to Think about Analysis, and How to Think about Abstract Algebra. For links to papers and sample chapters from the books, see my personal website.

  • Logical thinking and mathematical expertise.
  • Proof comprehension and mathematical reading.
  • Use of examples in mathematical reasoning, including use of diagrams.
  • Understanding in topics such as real analysis.