I am the Director of the Mathematics PGCE course, I also work on the MSc in Education as well as supervising PhD students.

I gained my BA in Mathematics at the University of Warwick and completed a PGCE at the University of Exeter. I started out teaching in schools around the Bristol area for 11 years, including five as Head of Faculty. During this time The Open University filmed and sold a video of my teaching as well as including various clips within their courses. I then took up a position as Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Birmingham, becoming Senior Lecturer in 2000. I received my doctorate from the Open University in 1994 under the supervision of Professor John Mason. In 2014 I moved to Loughborough to start up the new Mathematics PGCE course. I have received teaching awards on two occasions and received the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in 2019.

  • The design and use of technology in teaching and learning mathematics.
  • The teaching and learning of number and algebra in schools.
  • The principle of economic use of personal time and effort in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

I have been Secretary of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM) and the Association of Mathematics Education Teachers (AMET). I have also been on the Executive Committee of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM).

For five years I was an Editor for Educational Review. I am currently on the Editorial Board of Digital Experiences in Mathematics Education and on the Advisory Board of for the learning of mathematics.

I have developed mathematics education software including Developing Number and Grid Algebra.

I am a member of the ATM Science of Education working group, which is influenced by the work of Caleb Gattegno.