I came to Loughborough University in 2017 after completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics. I have gained my Masters in Social Science Research whilst being at Loughborough as part of my 1+3 studentship, and I am now in my third and final year. My studentship is fully funded by the ESRC DTP (Economic and Social Research Council Doctoral Training Partnership) and is a collaborative studentship with Oxford University Press (OUP) due to the nature of my research. In particular, I am interested in how students use their mathematics textbook (in post-16 education) and Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning. I have a specific interest in mathematical explanations: how they are designed, read and written. My collaboration with OUP enables me to spend 3 months of each year working with OUP’s secondary maths team which gives me a broader perspective of my field as well as an idea of the practical context of my research.


My research is currently investigating the effect of textbook design on reading practice, and how improving both design and reading strategy can benefit mathematical reading as a whole.

I am fortunate because my studentship is also partly funded by Oxford University Press as an industrial partner, so I can investigate resources actually being used within our mathematics classrooms.