After completing my undergraduate degree in mathematics, I came to Loughborough in 2017 with a 1+3 collaborative ESRC DTP studentship with Oxford University Press. My masters dissertation and PhD thesis focussed on how students use their mathematics textbooks (in post-16 education) and I also investigated how mathematical textbook explanations are designed, read and written. Importantly, my industry connections inspired me to consider the implications of my findings on the publishing industry and the potential barriers between translating my research into the real-world.

As such, the nature of my collaborative PhD taught me to value research impact: how research can translate into practice. Consequently, I successfully applied for the ‘Influencing Practice’ CEML research associate position in the new Centre for Early Mathematics Learning (CEML) at Loughborough. In this position, I have changed my focus to Early Years mathematics whilst maintaining my interest in considering the real-world application of research. Now, I consider research communication and how this can be improved to support practitioners and better align with their needs and wants.


My current focus is effective research communication, aiming to understand how we can communicate education research effectively such that research might achieve its potential in the classroom. We aim to work with teachers to achieve a reflexive relationship between research and practice.

I maintain my interests in mathematics textbooks and mathematics explanations from my PhD. In particular, I am interested in mathematical literacy and the importance of reading in mathematics.