Studying a PhD at the MEC as a practising teacher

Practising teachers are welcome to apply for part-time PhD study at the Mathematics Education Centre.

For details about funding, see the Research degree funding section in the Prospectus and for PhD loans see the Doctoral loan information in the UK Government website.

  • Studying for a PhD allows you the opportunity to:
    • research something of personal interest as a teacher of mathematics;
    • be supported by supervisors with international reputations as researchers in mathematics education;
    • benefit your depart and school through the findings of your study.
  • Studying for a PhD will:
    • develop your awareness and skills as a reflective practitioner;
    • develop skills as a researcher;
    • help you learn in depth about your area of study;
    • enable you to become an 'expert' in your chosen field.
  • Studying for a PhD can open doors in your future career by:
    • becoming very knowledgeable about issues relating to mathematics education;
    • having demonstrated a commitment to studying and learning more about issues relating to mathematics education;
    • being analytical and articulate about issues relating to your study;
    • being more qualified than others when applying for new posts.