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Dr Sam Pering MChem, PhD

Photo of Dr Sam Pering

University Teacher in Polymer Science

Sam completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Bath in 2015, during which he spent a year in research at the University of South Australia studying polymer electronics and their use in high energy density metal-air batteries. During the final year of his MChem he began research into Perovskite Solar Cells, and continued this work through to a PhD, exploring the physics of the materials in order to improve their stability. In 2019 Sam finished his PhD and was awarded a Doctoral Prize Fellowship at Loughborough University to research lead-free perovskite materials for energy applications.


  • MChem, 2015, University of Bath
  • PhD, 2019, University of Bath

My research interest is renewable energy technologies, particularly solar cells and batteries. More specifically, developing new materials for application and exploring the fundamental physical processes within them:

  • Discovery of new perovskite materials for Solar Cells
  • Synthesis and characterisation of thin films
  • Fabrication of Solar Cell devices
  • Perovskite Quantum Dots for photovoltaic applications
  • CGA014 Materials Design & Make Project
  • MPC110 Undergraduate Research Project Supervision

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