Department of Materials


Furnace room

Advanced Materials Laboratories

Advanced materials research facilities are centered around one main laboratory and a series of other special use laboratories e.g. Our furnace room.

Facilities include:

  • Ballistic testing
    • Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar
    • Gas Gun - Sabre Ballistics single stage light gas gun 7.62mm calibre
  • Equal Channel Angular Pressing Rig
  • Laboratory-scale dynamometer
  • Customised pin-on-disc tribometer
  • Electrophoresis deposition (EPD) for coating manufacture
  • Fibre-ceramics composite preform manufacture
  • Furnace facilities (with and without controlled atmospheres)
    • Tube furnaces
    • Box furnaces
    • Microwave furnaces
    • Hybrid microwave/conventional furnaces
  • Grinding and polishing facilities

360 Degree views of our facilities

Furnace room containing a collection of 26 high temperature (1300-1700°C) furnaces, including tube and box conventional type as well as microwave and hybrid examples.

Research laboratory housing processing and testing equipment used by metals and ceramics researchers, including a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar, Equal Channel Angular Pressing Rig and Grinding and polishing facilities.