Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


13 Jun 2023

Loughborough University Motorsport (LUMotorsport) launches first-ever electric car

2 students working in formula student garage

On the 20th anniversary of LUMotorsport, the Loughborough Formula Student (LSF) team launched their first electric car ready to be raced at the likes of Silverstone UK and FSCzech in the Czech Republic.

Loughborough Formula Students’ team leader, Jack Lancelott comments:

LUMotorsport is a family of likeminded engineering, business, economics and management students. We all work towards the same goal of being the best Formula Student team in the UK. With this year being our 20th anniversary, we are aiming to make all our previous team members proud with some good results.

Each year LFS will start the process of building the car way back in September with a phase of design and the year’s goals and overall concept are defined. They will then work on the planning and building of the car to have it ready by early June, to ensure they have one or two months of testing the car on the track before their first race.

The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering would like to congratulate everyone in Loughborough Formula Student for their extremely hard work and we wish you good luck in your upcoming races, happy racing!