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23 Sep 2020

Formula Student 2020

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In these difficult times of physical events being turned into virtual events, the impact on some of our students’ projects has been negative, but their projects and hard work are still nonetheless important and we are celebrating them!

This is the case with LUMotorsport and Formula Student (FS), this year.

For the very first time, the 2020 Loughborough University FS Team were building an electric vehicle for the events, which was a big change and presented many challenges.  Unfortunately, COVID intervened and Formula Student was much restricted for the rest of the academic year, which meant that their vehicle could not be completed, but this did not stop them doing the very best they could.

The dynamic events, which would usually be live and exciting, this year were virtual and our Team gave their best - the Team came 11th in Statics and 12th in Dynamics in the UK competition, (which would be 7th place if it was scored together in an overall category) and 18th overall in the Formula Student Online competition, (which is both East and Netherlands together.)

The race day for FSUK was recorded virtually, live and is available here but it does run for 6.5 hours, so we might not recommend watching the whole video!

Josh Harris, Team Leader for LUMotorsport this year stated:

"Whilst this was not the situation we thought we’d be in at the start of the season, I think the whole team can be proud of the progress made and the effort that has been put in this year. I am honoured to have had the opportunity to lead such an amazing team and look forward to seeing the progress made under Aimee’s leadership next season."

Under the circumstances, the School of AACME are extremely proud of our Loughborough Formula Student Team for continuing to compete as best they could in circumstances that were far from ideal and we hope, that under the leadership of Aimee Gibbard, they have the opportunity to compete in person next year so that they are able to show, yet again, their skills in designing and building an excellent race car!