Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


1 Jul 2020

Aeronautical Engineering student flying high after winning prestigious scholarship

The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) recently announced the winners of its coveted aviation scholarships, with one recipient being Loughborough MEng Aeronautical Engineering student, Lucy Wootton.

After applying online, Lucy was awarded the BPWA Flying High scholarship, a financial scholarship for licenced pilots who wish to gain further qualifications. Having been a member of the BPWA since 2019, Lucy is looking to upgrade her Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence to a Private Pilot’s Licence, something that the scholarship will help her achieve.

After a trial flight in a glider, Lucy knew that aviation was the route she wanted to follow. Now having been gliding for 10 years, Lucy says, “This scholarship takes me to the next step of the path I want to go on. It’s exciting to have a way forward”.

Asked about how studying Aeronautical Engineering helps with her flying, Lucy said: “I would say that the course and practically learning to fly complement each other very well. Being a glider pilot before I came to university meant that concepts explained in lectures really made sense to me, as I could relate the theory of how an aircraft flies to what I already knew.

“Conversely, as I got further into the degree, the theory I learnt went beyond what I knew from pilot training and has made me a more competent pilot, as I have a deeper understanding. What I have learnt from the degree has also helped me as a Gliding Instructor with teaching new students, combining what I have learnt through gliding and the degree into teaching each part of the syllabus.”

Best of luck with your further training, Lucy.

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