Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering


18 Dec 2018

Winter Graduation in the School of AACME

On Monday 17th December, the School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering (AACME) and their Graduands, came together with families and friends to celebrate their imminent graduation. 

Our students have worked hard for many years to achieve their PhDs and we are very happy to offer our congratulations to them all!

Our guests, Graduands and staff celebrated over a buffet lunch, beautifully decorated with balloons and flowers, in the Desmond Penrose Atrium in Stewart Miller Building.

Following lunch, prizes were presented by the Dean of the School of AACME – Professor Chris Rielly and respective Heads of Departments, to students who achieved above and beyond:

School Prize Winners

Ben Daly x 300

Aeronautical & Automotive Engineering

Presented by Professor Martin Passmore 

Benjamin DALY                     

Best Full-Time Student Prize

Automotive Systems Engineering programme

Benjamin DALY                     

Best Full-Time Student Project Prize

Automotive Systems Engineering programme

Ritchie Thomas x 300




Chemical Engineering

Presented by Dr Valerie Pinfield

Ritchie Luke THOMAS          

MSc Project Prize

Advanced Chemical Engineering with IT and Management programme

Ziheng Zhang x 300






Konstantinos x 300


Presented by Professor Gary Critchlow

Ziheng ZHANG                      

Materials Department Prize

Polymer Science and Technology programme






Konstantinos CHATZIKYPRAIOS                     

Professor David Gabe Prize

Materials Science and Technology programme