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20 Aug 2018

Formula Student 2018 – Hungary, Czech Republic and Overall results!

FS Team Czech 2018 x 670

As well as competing at Silverstone, where the Loughborough Formula Student Team finished 10th overall, the Team also competed at Zalazone, at the Hungaroring for the Hungarian Formula Student event and at the Masaryk circuit for the Czech Republic event.

In Hungary, the Team finished 24th overall.  The car unfortunately suffered some repairable damage, due to a minor collision with a straw bale on the test circuit. The time taken to repair the car, unfortunately meant that they missed Skidpad and Acceleration classes and hence their position.

In the Czech Republic, the Team finished 25th.  (Below photograph shows the FS car on the Skidpad at the Masaryk circuit.)


The Team did excellently at the events overall – achieving 10th Place for 2018!

Monty Jeacock-Fewtrell, the Team Leader for LUMotorsport, also received the overall award for Class 1 Top Individual Driver, which is a great achievement! (Monty can be seen in the top photograph in the car.)


The School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering offers their congratulations to the Team this year – even having some quite substantial problems, the Team were still able to overcome technical issues to achieve a Top 10 position – Well done All!

For more information on LUMotorsport, follow this Link to their website.