Timetabling data

This includes personal data that has been collected as part of the process of timetabling teaching and assessment. Most of this data is held in centrally managed corporate systems.

Data location

Module Online Choice System (MOCS) and Loughborough University Student Information (LUSI) system


Data to be managed centrally in corporate systems, as specified by Data Location. Where data is held locally, it is to be disposed of in line with the retention period, in the following ways:

Electronic copies: Deleted and double deleted from local locations.
Hard copies: Disposed of using the confidential waste process.

Module choice data

Fields Data retention period

  • Name Current academic year + 1 year
  • Disability data Current academic year + 1 year
  • Programme Current academic year + 1 year
  • Module choices Current academic year + 1 year
  • Module registrations Current academic year + 1 year
  • Progression data (pre board) Current academic year + 1 year
  • Individual timetable data Current academic year + 1 year