Registration and progression data

This includes personal data that has been collected as individuals progress through their programme of study at Loughborough University. Most of the data will have been collected as the student has engaged with core administrative processes (Digital Registers, Programme Boards, Re-Registration, Graduation etc) and will be held in centrally managed corporate systems, however, some data may have been collected as a result of local activity within Schools and Services.

Data location

Loughborough University Student Information (LUSI) system (unless otherwise stated below)


Data to be managed centrally in corporate systems, as specified by Data Location. Where data is held locally, it is to be disposed of in line with the retention period, in the following ways:

Electronic copies: Deleted and double deleted from local locations.
Hard copies: Disposed of using the confidential waste process.

Registration/academic record

Fields Data retention period

  • ID Card slip - proof of Registration Completion of studies + 1 year
  • Lecture capture footage TBC
  • Attendance data Completion of studies + 1 year (learning analytics?)

Academic record

Fields Data retention period

  • Programme name Perpetuity
  • Previous study - previous programmes Completion of studies + 10 years
  • Module registrations (by part) Perpetuity
  • Module marks (assessment marks) Perpetuity
  • Board paperwork  TBC
  • Dates of study  Perpetuity
  • Degree outcome / graduation Perpetuity
  • Prizes Perpetuity
  • Part I Data Completion of studies + 1 year
  • Graduation and awards Perpetuity
  • Co-Tutor - Academic progression data TBC

Academic record (research)

Fields Data retention period

  • Research student data - examination Completion of studies + 1 year
  • Research student data - examination transcript Perpetuity
  • Progression reports Completion of studies + 6 years
  • Research student data - thesis Perpetuity

Sensitive data

Fields Data retention period

  • Co-Tutor - Well being data TBC
  • Student support/Well Being case file data Completion of studies + 3 years
    Student Services
  • Student support/Well Being Data that has been referred to statutory services or used in legal proceedings Completion of studies + 6 years
    Student Services
  • Careers consultation/advice data Completion of studies + 3 years
    Student Services

Sensitive data (may include 3rd party data)

Fields Data retention period

  • Reasonable adjustments Completion of studies + 1 year
  • Mitigating circumstances claim detail Completion of studies + 1 year
  • Mitigating circumstances evidence Last action on claim + 1 year
  • Waiver requests Completion of studies + 1 year
  • Waiver evidence Last action on case + 1 year

Personal data and academic record

Fields Data retention period

  • Learning Analytics TBC