Personal data - Alumni

This includes the personal data of those individuals that have previously studied at Loughborough University. Most of this data will be held in centrally managed corporate systems, however, some will have been collected as a result of local activity within Schools and Services.

Data location

Raiser's Edge (owned by Marketing and Advancement)


Data to be managed centrally in corporate systems, as specified by Data Location. Where data is held locally, it is to be disposed of in line with the retention period, in the following ways:

Electronic copies: Deleted and double deleted from local locations.
Hard copies: Disposed of using the confidential waste process.

Personal data (previously held in LUSI and/or supplied directly by the alumnus/supporter)

Fields Data retention period

  • Name(s) Perpetuity
  • DOB Perpetuity
  • Gender Perpetuity
  • Address (home) Perpetuity
  • Job title Perpetuity
  • Address (work) Perpetuity
  • Telephone no. (Home and/or mobile) Perpetuity
  • Email address(Personal and/or work) Perpetuity

Academic record (previously held in LUSI)

Fields Data retention period

  • Programme title Perpetuity
  • Dates of study Perpetuity
  • Degree outcome Perpetuity

Data previously held by LSU

Fields Data retention period

  • Personal interests/leisure activities Perpetuity
  • Hall data Perpetuity
  • Clubs and societies data Perpetuity

Interaction data

Fields Data retention period

  • Communication history Perpetuity
  • Volunteering information Perpetuity
  • Event invitation/attendance history Perpetuity
  • Donation information Perpetuity