Results day

A level results day can be fast-paced, so understanding what happens on the day will help you support your young person.

What happens on A level results day?

At around 8.00am on 17 August 2023, students will find that their status on UCAS will be updated:

Conditional Offer changed to Unconditional Offer

Great news! The student has been accepted onto a course at one of their chosen universities.

It is important to check the details. If a student hasn’t met the conditions of their Firm choice, they may have done so for their Insurance choice – in which case this will have updated accordingly.

They may also have received a change course offer. It might involve a different start date or point of entry, or a different course altogether, so make sure you understand what your young person will be studying, when and where.

Conditional Offer changed to Unsuccessful

Unfortunately, the student hasn’t met the conditions of their university offer(s). They will now need to explore other options and may have been put into Clearing. The student’s school or college will provide them with their results and may also be able to give advice and guidance about next steps.

No change (Conditional Offer remains a Conditional Offer)

Don’t panic – this can be for a few reasons. Most commonly it is because the university hasn’t had all of the student’s results confirmed (for instance, they may be waiting for a GCSE result) but it may be because a decision is still being made.

Regardless of the status on UCAS, your young person will still need to collect their results and associated paperwork from their school or college.

If your young person has been unsuccessful in securing a place at university or are reconsidering their options, this is where the Clearing process starts, and your prior research helps.